Effect of Selected Plant Extracts on Malssezia Furfur in Culture

Authors : Salah Mahdi Al-Bader & Fahmi Saeed Moqbel

Abstract:   The affectivity of ethanol extracts of clove (Syzygium aromaticum ), curcumin (Curcuma longa), ginger (Zingiber officinale) and khat (Catha edulis) were examined against Malassizia furfur. Ethanol extracts were prepared as (10% W/V). The yeast was obtained from ptyriasis versicolor (PV) infections and Sabouraud’s dextrose agar medium + olive oil was used to isolate the yeast from the skin scrapes. The results of triplicate tests showed no yeasts developed in clove’s extract treatment. The activity of curcumin extract was less than the medicinal soap treatment which was used as positive control. While ginger and khat treatments affect on the visible colonies characteristics only but not on their abundance in culture plates. The MIC for the clove extract and medicinal soap was compared by series of dilutions (10,5,2.5,1.25,o.625) mg/ml. Clove represent antifungal activity till the end, while it was 1.25mg/ml in medicinal soap treatment.

Keywords: Malassezia, Anti fungal, Clove, Curcumin, Ginger, Khat

doi: 10.23918/eajse.v3i1sip38

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Eurasian Journal of Science & Engineering
ISSN 2414-5629 (Print), ISSN 2414-5602 (Online)