Deformation and visual pollution in the commercial streets of the old city of Mosul

Author :Jangy Jalal Kadir

Abstract:  The ancient city of Mosul suffers from several problems on the level of urban and architectural situation which causes them in the first degree to enter the modern techniques wildly illconsidered, and this in turn led to the so-called phenomenon of visual distortion, as well as the phenomenon of Urban Treating which is the other led to a lack of care residents Molder this phenomenon in the digging and the loss of a lot of residential and other service installations, as well as the neglect of the competent official authorities to put the preservation of what remains of the old city, and determine the preservation and restoration mechanisms laws. All this has led to the transformation of the old city to the visually distorted city and a mixture of ancient architecture and heritage, which only ruins left of them, and modern architecture, which entered its technologies to solve the structural Problems of intimidation. And the emergence of high buildings that do not fit with the buildings of the old city, particularly through the rise and inconsistencies of these buildings and the use of modern architectural styles that do not fit in with the old city and its ancient history, so the appearance of high buildings has led to the disappearance or block optical elements in the city and in particular that are on the movement axes.

Keywords:  Visual Distortion, Preservation, Optical Elements

doi: 10.23918/eajse.v3i1sip44

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Eurasian Journal of Science & Engineering
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