Cytogenetic Study among Chemical Bombardment Survivors in Shekh Wasan & Balisan Valley Kurdistan Region-Iraq

Authors : Hazha Jamal Hidayet & Sheeman Hameed Mohammed

Abstract:   This study was performed randomly on 40 individuals selected within a specific period, between January 2014 to October 2014 in order to a certain whether or not a sample of chemical weapons used on Shekh Wasan & Balisan valley in 16 April 1987, have incurred genetic damage. The following results were obtained: The chromosomal aberration is a very sensitive and widely applied assay used as a bio indicator of genetic damage induced by an environmental agent or clastogen. In current study a group of (40) chemical bombardment survivors there were (15) individuals have different types of chromosome aberrations, including (ring chromosome %52.5, dicentric chromosome %30, chromosome break with fragment %57.5, chromatid interchange (quadriradial) %27.5, chromatid interchange (triradial) %27.5.

Keywords: Chromosomal Abberation, Chemical Weapons, Clastogen

doi: 10.23918/eajse.v3i1sip64

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Eurasian Journal of Science & Engineering
ISSN 2414-5629 (Print), ISSN 2414-5602 (Online)