Spectrophotometric Study and Analytical Applications of Iron (III)-Chelate System with (Mordant Blue-9) Reagent in Aqueous Solution

Author :Dheyaa JirjeesYaqoob

Abstract:  The reagent 6-(5-chloro-2-hydroxy-3-sulfophenylazo)-5-hydroxy-1-naphthalene sulfonic acid(Mordant blue – 9) is proposed as a spectrophotometric reagent for the determination of trace amounts ofiron (III). The proposed chromogenic reagent is sensitive and reacts with iron to form a stable brown 1:2 (Fe(III) – reagent) complex at pH 3.75, Kst = 9.824*109 L2
.mol-2.The apparent molar absorptivity of thiscomplex was 16000 l .mol -1 cm-1at 650 nm in aqueous solutions. Beer’s law is obeyed with the range of 6 – 75 µg /25 ml i.e 0.24 – 3 ppm. The reagent is relatively selective for iron III. The importance of this work arises from that it allows quantification and determination of Iron without initial expensive and fatigue separation or extraction procedure. Different analytical validations were determined (accuracy, precision, recovery, stability of the complex, study of interferences, etc.) to demonstrate the suitability of this work for the routinequality control labs. The aim of this work was to determine iron III in aqueous solution specrtophotometrically employing mordant blue-9 reagent. The developed method was applied for the determination of Fe III in urine samples. The results agree with AAS with RSD (±0.74 – ±2.64).

Keywords: Social Iron (III), Spectrophotometry, Mordant blue -9, Analytical Applications

doi: 10.23918/eajse.v3i1sip72

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Eurasian Journal of Science & Engineering
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