Experimental Study on Hardened Properties of High Strength Concretes Containing Metakaolin and Steel Fiber

Author: Barham Haidar Ali

Abstract:  In this paper the outcomes of an experimental research on mechanical properties of conventional concrete and a concrete incorporated metakaolin (MK) with and without steel fiber were dealt with. One of the ingredients of the concrete mixture was metakaolin; Portland cement was partially substituted with metakaolin (MK) as 10% by weight of the total binder content. Steel fibers with length/aspect ratios of 60/80 and hook ended was embedded into the concrete to make fiber reinforced concretes. Value of water/binder ratios (w/b) was 0.35. To know the impacts of MK and steelfiber, the mechanical behaviors of the concrete were investigated such as: compressive, flexure, and bonding strength of the concretes. At the age of 28 days in room temperature, tests were held. The level of the significance of the variance on the hardened properties of concrete was achieved through the calculation of the experimental results.

Keywords: Bonding Strength, Compressive Strength Concrete, Metakaolin, Steel Fiber, Flexure Strength

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doi: 10.23918/eajse.v3i3p102