Application of a Proposed Sustainability Checklist for Construction Projects

Authors: Thamir M. Ahmed & Bayan S. Al-Nu‟man

Abstract:  In the current work, 22 construction projects were evaluated in the province of Erbil / Kurdistan region of Iraq through the inclusion of a set of sustainability criteria in the form of questions addressed to the engineers and project managers. The results were analyzed to determine the implementation approaches of the sustainability criteria. Economic, social and environmental factors were included and construction steps were weighed in the questions of the checklist, developed in a companion paper, according to these factors. The results confirm the effectiveness of the proposed checklist for estimating a sustainability score for construction projects. In average, the score of approximately 54% of applying the sustainability measures was obtained. The results show high variations in applying sustainability measures in the various construction steps in all of the construction projects. The reasons are due to the absence or weakness of binding laws, absence of sustainability requirements as a topic in civil engineering curricula, and the lack of adoption of comprehensive designs based on the pillars of sustainability.

Keywords: Engineering Sustainability, Checklist, Construction Projects

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doi: 10.23918/eajse.v3i3p160