Prediction of Punching Shear Strength of Reinforced Concrete Flat Slab by ANSYS

Author: Mohammed Ali Ihsan Saber

Abstract:  In this study, finite element software ANSYS is used to model a three-dimensional finite element (FE) model to study the punching shear behavior of normal (NSC) and high strength concrete (HSC) flat plate slabs. The FE model is verified through application to experimental models, and high accuracy was obtained. The FE model was used to determine cracking load, ultimate load capacity, load-deflection curves, stress-strain relationship, and failure modes for all tested slabs. Results of nine NSC and HSC flat plate slabs were tested under punching loading. The main variables considered were the concrete compressive strength varied from 40 to 110 MPa, and column eccentricities 0%, 50% and 100% of column size. The behaviors of the finite element models showed good agreement with those got from experimental results in all linear, nonlinear and final failure stages.

Keywords: Finite Element model, Flat Plate Slabs, Punching Shear

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doi: 10.23918/eajse.v3i3p42